Thursday, 8 October 2009

CWU strike

At last nights Trades Council a lively young chap (and I think he's younger than me) from the local CWU spoke about how the Royal Mail are using strike busting tactics on an unprecedented scale, coupled with vicious attacks on union activists to try and beat our comrades in that union. Some rather unparliamentary language was used to describe some fellow unionists who are wilfullly breaking the CWU strike, and being bussed across the country to scab.
I personally believe that the CWU are fighting the first battle in the coming war over public sector jobs, and every trade unionist, every socialist, and every member of the working class needs to back the brothers and sisters. I'm probably preaching to the converted, but workplace collections, visits to the picket lines, and simple letters of support will go a long way when there are some offices that have taken 15 days of strike action so far.
I remember how much of a boost we got when the postie wouldn't cross our picket line during the local government strike last year, and how great it was when the local CWU visited our lines with doughnuts.
Solidarity Comrades, we're all behind you.
Oh, and PS, please don't go out in the next two weeks, some of us have ballots going as well!

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