Friday, 9 October 2009

Committee, work and chocolate

Today is South West Regional Committee. The meeting is being held in Plymouth (in fact just up the road from my office) so I am going to toddle along there shortly. I also need to see the regional Standing Orders Committee as they ruled two of my branches motions out of order. Having sat on their side of the table before, I don't envy them their job, in the same way that there are times that I don't envy (some) managers who are making people redundant. But, in the words of the chair of the National SOC, let us hope a good, constructive, discussion will be had.
Time to make some robust arguments methinks. I may very well reference Comrade Prentis' speech to conference when arguing why our motion calling for an investigation into MPs "linked" with UNISON (ie, those with constituency development plans, a concept I don't quite understand but I'm sure someone will be able to explain to me one day) should be allowed to be discussed. If the General Secretary is allowed to talk about so called 'Labour Link' business, then so should other bodies of the union, surely? Maybe I've missed the point?
Anyways, I suppose I'd better head in. I was going to blog about work and chocolate, but I've just remembered I need to speak to my RO about something and she should be there today.

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