Saturday, 12 December 2009

Why are we so vicious?

I've only been active in UNISON for just under two years, and blogging even less than that. But the one thing that has struck me is how vicious trade unionists, of whatever political persuasion can be to each other. Whether it's at conference or online, the vitriol just pours out and it surprised me. I thought I'd left flame wars behind at uni, but they are alive and well in TIGMOO as they say!
I'm uncertain why I started blogging bit if I ever get the urge to have a go at a fellow unionist on a personal level, I'll know why I stopped.

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  1. Freud had a bit to say on that - the narcissism of small differences
    We get so close to the detail of what we think is needed and so committed to working on it, that we see the distance from different colleagues as being as important as the gulf from the opposition - which, as you say, it ain't!